*This landscape that moves us
Stop motion video, photography Photography and editting: Vera Francisco Performer: Sezen Tonguz Thanks to Buitenwerkplaats Duration: 4’ 20”

Nathalie Snel

Womb with a View
Idea & Performance: Alfredo Genovesi

A dance with the memory
Idea and Performance: Maria Mavridou

Batwoman I & II
Idea & Performance: Maud Beurskens 

Emergency Exit Now-Here
Performance by Inga Cholmogorova

Dancing Star
Idea & Performance: Arvind Ganga 

*Between skins
Las Idiotas (On-the-go) playful video piece around what moves us

Fall On Me
Duo: Izabela Pacewicz (dance), Alfredo Genovesi (music) 

The Moviey Blues
Idea & Performance: Alfredo Genovesi

*Untitled (Studio 21, Level 8)
Choreography, photography, sound: Helen Grogan  Duration: 6’44”

Perfettamente Imperfetta
(Perfectly Unperfect)

Piano piece composed and played by Caterina Pecchioli Duration: 3’

Praise to Erzulie
Piece by Teresa Maria Diaz Nerio Performed by Amanda Horowitz

Always willing to bend an elbow
Performance: Susan van den Berg, Carolina Mantovano (dance), Alfredo Genovesi & Arvind Ganga  (music) Duration: 5 minutes.

Mini triptych
Performance & music: Alma Sua Lindenhovius & Karolina Rychlik  Duration: 3’

Invisible act No.02
Performance and concept: Sezen Tonguz Duration: 5’   

(Music box)
Director: Caterina Pecchioli Media: HD video 16:9 Duration: 2’ Year: 2012
Stereo Sound, Color

World of Sport
Text & music: Alfredo Genovesi Movement: Alfredo Genovesi & Kenzo Kusuda Imagery: Emese Cscornai Narration: Phil Wood Duration: 1’ (x 5).

Supercity Band
Pan de Muerto Band

* Means VIDEO

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